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    DFI.Community (Forum)
      The official place to open discussion within the community, many subjects already have their dedicated room (General Chat, Farming & Staking, Proposals/ideas, Gigs & Rewards, Technical Discussion...).
      All improvement proposals need to be posted and discussed within the "Proposals/Ideas" room to become eligible for a vote on DFI.Governance.
      To lay the foundations of the project, we've advertised "Gigs & Rewards" on a dedicated Telegram Channel. The idea is to gather additional skills (technical, marketing, design, writing...) to community-build the ecosystem from scratch, and especially to start creating a strong community spirit around the project. Some volunteers have been rewarded with YFD Tokens for their unvaluable contribution (details on Telegram Channel).
        Remember: YFD is a token issued without any value, its value increase thanks to value created by the community in YfDFI Finance ecosystem. So, it's a good start to reward volunteers with a governance token that is gaining in value day after day thanks to community contribution (kind of community-value backed token).
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