Introduction to YFD governance model.

Your Finance Decentralized Governance Model.

YFD is a community-centered project, aiming to build the first DeFi Financial Center, fully governed by a worldwide community of DeFi enthusiasts.

‌The ecosystem is governed by VOTX token holders who submit and vote on proposals and who are eligible to receive a share of protocol profits. VOTX represents a right to govern and YFD gives the right to receive a portion of the ecosystem's profits. Most of the profits generated from each of YFD’s solutions (DFI.Exchange, DFI.Swap, DFI.Insurance…) will be redistributed to the community.

Anyone can suggest a proposal, firstly within the DFI.Community forum to gauge the community interest and secondly at DFI.Governance (in the near future). DFI.Governance will be a user-friendly platform to set on-chain community votes related to the YFD ecosystem.

The voting system will probably be discussed with the community before starting the development, but it will be ready soon to fully automate the decision-making process for YFD.

DFI.Governance (08/04/2021)

  • Decision-making process:

    • All proposals are firstly discussed within the DFI.Community Forum. The proposals with more interest are sent to DFI.Governance for a community voting.

    • To vote, YFD holders will need to first earn VOTX tokens. This will be possible via the staking and farming platforms (Pools C & D). VOTX will also be purchasable on Uniswap.

    • At the end of the voting process, the results will be directly available on DFI.Governance platform and then added to the ecosystem progress schedule, also available on DFI.Governance.

  • Profit-Sharing:

    • As previously explained, most of the profits generated from each of YFD’s solutions (DFI.Exchange, DFI.Swap, DFI.Insurance…) will be redistributed to the community.

    • The idea is to automate the profit-sharing process thanks to monthly snapshots taken to proportionally reward every YFD holder.

    • A Vault will be developed to custody all profits generated every day within the ecosystem. This Vault will temporarily hold profits before distribution to YFD holders.

    • A small portion of profits will be sent to a smaller Vault dedicated to create a reserve for various operating expenses, DFI.Ventures community fund as well as community “Gigs & Rewards”. The percentage to send within this smaller Vault will be decided through a community voting in the near future.

As you’ve understood, we’re trying to build the fairest and most effective on-chain voting system to keep YFD as community-centric as possible. Some other improvements are already in the pipeline, like a gas free version or a multiple voting rounds version.

‌Of course, the platform and the overall ecosystem will continue to evolve through community participation to best serve its interest.