Liquidity Farming Pool ✅

YFD available liquidity farming pools.

This section will present all liquidity farming pools available for ecosystem contributors. Currently there is no liquidity farming pool availale (the Pool B - Uniswap Liquidity Farming Pool has been launched on 20th January 2021).

Pool B - Uniswap Liquidity Farming Pool

The Pool B is a community-developed liquidity farming pool for liquidity providers on Uniswap. All Liquidity providers (LPs) on Uniswap will be able to farm their LP tokens (UNI-V2 tokens) via our farming platform.

There will be four vaults to choose from, each with varying time-lock periods and reward supplies. Three of the four vaults will last for 12 months from the start date, expiring on the 20th January 2022. The fourth vault will last for an additional 6 months until 20th July 2022.

How will you start farming with YFD?

Earn Uniswap Fee & YFD Tokens as rewards.

  • Head over to UniSwap and locate the YFD/ETH liquidity pool under "Pools".

  • Add as much liquidity as you like. This works in a 50/50 ratio between YFD and ETH.

  • Head back to the YFD Farming Platform (, connect your wallet and choose the vault that you want to contribute to.

  • Deposit your YFD/ETH UNI-V2 LP tokens.

  • Sit back and watch the rewards roll in!

How are the rewards will be distributed?

  • Rewards will be distributed on a daily basis but cannot be withdrawn until the end of the time-lock period for that vault.

  • The APY earned is variable and will be based on the total number of farmers (and LP tokens) in each vault.

  • A Liquidity Provider on Uniswap can farm and unfarm at any time, once the initial time-lock has ended. Each vault has a different length of time-lock. The higher the time-lock, the higher the reward supply.

Pool D - VOTX Farming Pool (Launching soon… 🔄)

  • All fees collected on DFI.Swap will be automatically shared between all YFD holders on a monthly basis (coming soon).

  • The VOTX Farming Event will offer farmers a weekly fixed interest rate of 7.2%. Liquidity providers will have the opportunity to stake their UNI-V2 LP tokens on the platform and earn VOTX in return. Their reward will be calculated based on a standardized YFD UNI-V2 price of $1200. (i.e. For every 1 LP staked, you will earn 24 VOTX weekly). The locking period for the pool will also be 30 days, during which time it will not be possible to remove your staked LPs.

  • The total reward supply for the farming platform will be 65000 VOTX, which will last a minimum duration of 4 weeks from the launch date.