DFI.Community ✅

The place where all YfDFI Finance fellows can freely discuss about all subjects.

DFI.Community is a forum to discuss all subjects regarding YfDFI Finance, from General Chat to Technical Discussion, everyone can make its contribution. All proposals and improvements would be freely discussed within the "Proposals/Idea DFI.Community to gauge the community interest before being officially voted on DFI.Governance (coming soon).


Topics that don't need a category, or don't fit into any other existing category.

All about staking and farming on YfDFI Finance.

Community members of YfDFI Finance can submit improvement proposals for the community to discuss, codify, vote, conclude, and execute.

The Announcement category is where community members involved on developing and running YfDFI Finance products put announcements, updates, release notes, and other insights.

Help your peers by sharing your knowledge to the community. Share howtos, tutorials, and other resources about YfDFI Finance.

A place for all gigs available for the community (development, graphic design, promotion...) on YfDFI Finance.

A place for technical discussion on YfDFI Finance. Connect with other developers from the community.