DFI.Exchange ✅

The first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) dedicated to DeFi projects and fully governed by YfDFI Finance community.

The idea behind DFI.Exchange is to launch the first decentralized exchange (DEX) fully owned and governed by community. A kind of "Binance DEX" dedicated to DeFi and (above all) truly decentralized:

  • Where the community will choose the tokens listed and delisted through voting hosted on DFI.Governance (coming soon);

  • Where the community (YFD holders) will share the income generated by the exchange on a monthly basis (listing fee, transaction fee);

  • Where the listing costs would be reasonable and paid in project tokens (this will push the community to list projects they believe in).

DFI.Exchange (Beta version) is already released (DFI.Exchange). Legitimate tokens within the DeFi space have already been listed for more consistency but all future tokens will be listed through community voting.

From a trader's perspective, DFI.Exchange will allow DeFI enthusiasts to buy/sell their favorite tokens directly with stablecoins (DAI/TOKEN > TOKEN/DAI), without having to pass via long routes (ETH/DAI > DAI/TOKEN > TOKEN/DAI > DAI/ETH) and consequently pay expensive slippage and transaction fee.

🔄 DFI.Exchange v1.0 will include (under development):

  • Community voting system for token listing/delisting;

  • Automated revenue sharing system (Smart contract).