DFI.Swap 🔄

The first Swap App dedicated to DeFi projects and fully governed by YFD's community.

The idea behind DFI.Swap is to launch the first Swap App fully owned and governed by community. A kind of community-powered "Uniswap" dedicated to DeFi. All income generated will be shared within the community (YFD holders) on a monthly basis (community fee, transaction fee).

DFI.Swap (Alpha version) development will start soon. The release date will be announced in the near future.

🔄 DFI.Swap (v0.1 Alpha Version) will include:

  • Integrated ERC-20 non-custodial wallet creator (private key, 12 words phrase, export wallet);

  • Dedicated wallet for YFD token;

  • Connect with Metamask;

  • Deposit/Send DeFi tokens (ERC-20);

  • Swap between ETH, YFD token and other DeFi tokens;

  • User transaction history;

  • Video tutorials