YFD Ecosystem Tokens

YFD Token

    Total Supply: 20,000 YFD
      All tokens minted: there will never be more than 20,000 YFD tokens.
      No burnable: YFD tokens aren't burnable.
    Where to buy?
    Contract address: 0x4F4F0Ef7978737ce928BFF395529161b44e27ad9 Etherscan explorer: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4f4f0ef7978737ce928bff395529161b44e27ad9 ERC-20 Contract status: Contract Source Code Verified
    based on OpenZeppelin Standard. Warning: be careful about scam or fake YFD tokens. Be always sure that the YFD token (YFD) you're buying or using is the one related to this smart contract address.

Token Distribution (Total Supply: 20,000 YFD)

VOTX Token

    DFI.Governance Fuel token
      Used to submit a vote on DFI.Governance platform
    Initial Supply: 100,000 VOTX
      Mintable: No
      Burnable: No
    Where to buy?
      Uniswap initially and then DFI.Swap. YFD holders can also stake their YFD tokens or Uni-V2 LP tokens on one of the two new VOTX Staking or VOTX Farming Platforms.
      65,000 VOTX will be locked in the Farming Rewards Pool, whereby UNI-V2 LP holders can stake their LPs in return for 7.2% returns weekly;
      10,000 VOTX will be locked in the Staking rewards pool, whereby YFD holders can stake their YFD in return for 4% returns weekly;
      10,000 will be used to provide liquidity in the Uniswap liquidity pool;
      10,000 will be distributed amongst the early contributors of the project, and;
      5,000 will be used to provide liquidity in the DFI.Swap pool.
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